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Is Zuddas (Santadi) Caves

Is Zuddas (Santadi) CavesThe cavity develops itself inside Mount Meana, a massif consisting of ancient dolomite rocks dating back 600 million years ago. The cave, still active, was discovered by cavers in 1971 and is considered the oldest one on the planet. Is Zuddas Caves




Isola San Pietro (San Peter Island)

The island's only town is Carloforte, founded in 1738 during the reign of Carlo Emanuele III, by a colony of Ligurian fishermen from Tabarka, an island off Tunisia, a Ligurian colony owned by the Lomellinis, at the time lords of Pegli, who had almost exclusively populated it with fishermen from Pegli in order to exploit the rich coral reefs.




NoraIn 1889, a strong storm brought to light some of the Punic Tophet. Thus began the excavations, which were immediately suspended after the discovery of urns and stones which are currently preserved at Museo Archeologico di Cagliari (Archaeological Museum of Cagliari). In the following years, the area of the Punic necropolis was explored. In the early twentieth century, some excavations were performed is the isthmus area, where tombs belonging to the Roman Empire were found. Archaeological area of Pula


Mines of Carbonia

CICC – Centro Italiano della Cultura del Carbonio (Italian Centre for Coal Culture), at Grande Miniera di Serbariu (Great Mine of Serbariu) in Carbonia, was opened on November 3, 2006. The mine site, inactive since 1964, was recovered and restored as a museum and for educational purposes. The design for the renovation and development of the site has made, since that date, buildings and mineral structures which make up Museo del Carbone (The Coal Museum).

Antonioli Hotels & Residence

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