Costa del Sud Sardinia

Come and experience ancient Sardinia, where mountains plunge into the sea in an oasis of peace between beaches and history.

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Spiagge Costa del Sud Sardegna

Along the coastal road in the south Sardinia, surrounded by a green Mediterranean vegetation, stands Resort Baia delle Ginestre. Along Costa del Sud you can find various kinds of free beaches, it does not take much to run into a charming environment, almost a heavenly one. The uniqueness of Sardinia’s sea, considered by many people as the most beautiful ones in the world, this bare and wild zone still maintains an ancient charm, which even before the Romans was experienced by the people who sailed along "Mare Nostrum". Discover its wonderful beaches...




Storia e Tradizioni della Sardegna

You will discover important reserves for the survival of hundreds of waterfowls, vast forests and faunal oases of the Sardinian deer and then, Karst caves like those of Is Zuddas Caves  in Santadi characterized by aragonites defined as the most beautiful ones in Europe; you can see ruins of ancient civilizations as the Phoenician city of Nora and experience moments of profound poetry in the ancient Roman Theater along the sea; deserts with “lively” dune systems shaped by winds that constantly vary their contours and shapes. We suggest a few rarities around Resort Baia delle Ginestre which you will not want to miss. Discover Sardinia...


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